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DAV Shikshanam


Since 1970, DAV Group of Schools has been serving society by providing affordable high-quality education rooted in Vedic values, while remaining relevant to the times. With over 10 schools, 16,000 students, 550 teaching staff and 25,000 strong alumni, the Group is widely recognized for its process & system-oriented academic rigour. The website that represents DAV Group has to carry the same level of standard the whole institution holds. We at Levels N Curves Creative Studios knew what we had to do, and how to impress the members of the association. Our research and analysis team came in handy with reports and ideas that truly help us accomplish the goal.

Dav Shikshanam - WordPress website desing and development with responsive website design
Dav Shikshanam - WordPress website desing and development with responsive website design

Welcome to the web design portfolio of DAV Shikshanam, a prestigious educational institution dedicated to providing holistic education and fostering the growth of young minds. Here at Levels N Curves Creative Studios, we take immense pride in presenting our collaboration with DAV Shikshanam, where we combined our expertise in WordPress web design and website development to create an exceptional online presence for this esteemed institution.

Our team at Levels N Curves Creative Studios recognized the significance of crafting a responsive website that not only embodies the essence of DAV Shikshanam but also engages its diverse audience. We meticulously designed and developed a visually stunning website that seamlessly adapts to various devices, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for both desktop and mobile users.

With an emphasis on user-friendly navigation, we incorporated intuitive design elements that effortlessly guide visitors through the website’s wealth of information. Through skillful use of WordPress, we created a platform that empowers the staff at DAV Shikshanam to easily manage and update content, providing them with the flexibility and control they need to keep the website fresh and up to date.

By working closely with the team at DAV Shikshanam, we gained deep insights into their educational philosophy, programs, and values. Leveraging this knowledge, we carefully curated content and integrated it into the website, ensuring that every aspect reflects the institution’s commitment to excellence in education.

The Levels N Curves Creative Studios team employed our technical expertise to optimize the website’s performance, guaranteeing fast loading times and a seamless user experience. We implemented best practices in web design and development, adhering to industry standards and utilizing the latest technologies, resulting in a highly functional and visually captivating online platform.

We invite you to explore the DAV Shikshanam website, a testament to our dedication to creating impactful and responsive websites for our esteemed clients. Witness the seamless blend of design and functionality, where Levels N Curves Creative Studios has brought the vision of DAV Shikshanam to life.